Acceptance is where change begins…

This is a brief story about one of my Celiac clients.

She came to me even before I had my coaching certification looking for help but I told her to hang on because I wanted to do everything by the book. That is just the way I am. I do things systematically , correctly or not at all.

As soon as I was ready, she came for her first session. I remember explaining to her in detail what actually happens inside of us when we eat gluten (as at that stage she wasn’t off gluten).

She told me later on that her AHA moment was when she visualized what happens inside of her gut. It was the wake up call she needed.

I referred her to her GP for Celiac blood panel testing and it came back positive..which we already knew it would because of her symptoms and she already had a Genetic test showing she carried the HLA-DQ genetics.

The blood TEST is what sealed the deal though…the concrete evidence. Since she already had the genetics and was VERY symptomatic, her Health care professional did not see the need to refer her for a biopsy. She began on the gluten-free diet straight away.

it’s never plain sailing though…lot’s of “cheating” here and there, lot’s of pain, lot’s of reminders…but eventually it sinks in and eventually we all come to the same conclusion…

A little bit is not worth it!

It takes time to learn this and really accept it as a way of life.


And that is what my course and my coaching is designed to help you achieve….answers.acceptance and peace with your new life besides all the practical side of things.



Acceptance and peace are very important when you are dealing with anything you can NEVER change.


Next time you’ll get to see some things the course goes into.


See you then.

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