Client Testimonial:

Client: Chelene Sounes.
Duration: Coaching for 3 months.
Reading other clients testimonials helps you to see what you can gain out of health coaching with me. While my specialty is gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease, I do coach people who just need general health help.

This is Chelene’s testimonial:

“Bonnie sure had her hands full with me!  By the time I came to her, my life had turned into a numbers game.  A lot had happened in the 5 years before we met.  
In 2 years, I lost 9 family members in death – the last being just a couple of months before Covid hit.  As a result, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, C-PTSD, and battled with panic attacks.  In between all of that, I almost lost my Father to malignant melanoma and had to be cancer screened myself, having a number of moles removed.  I had also been diagnosed with two chronic pain conditions: endometriosis and fibromyalgia.  Later on, a parathyroid tumour was discovered.  I had undergone 6 surgeries to remove the endometriosis and the parathyroid tumour, as well as to repair the unexpected complications affecting my kidneys and bladder. 
When I decided to seek help from a health coach, I had no idea what to expect.  But I had hit rock bottom and was now 20kgs overweight.  I knew there was something wrong with my relationship with food and exercise, and that I had completely given up on myself.  I was in all respects, broken and exhausted.
Bonnie is a great health coach because of her holistic approach.  She worked with me to connect the issues and to find the root cause. 
Through our weekly appointments, Bonnie gently showed me that I had learned from an early age to avoid my problems by focusing on others.  She showed me how my current behaviors were pointing to how I had also brought childhood issues like not feeling good enough, and not feeling worthy of self-care, respect, and boundaries.  This was why I had developed disordered eating as a means to cope with my anxiety, and why I had sabotaged myself so successfully! 
In just 3 months of weekly appointments, I made unimaginable progress in how I viewed myself, and began to take the necessary steps toward better health. 
Slowly, I learned how to respect myself by following through on my goals and incorporating self-care.  Bonnie encouraged me to seek professional help for my disordered eating, my childhood wounding and my unhealed trauma.
She also suggested that I do the DNAlysis testing so that it would put the power back into my hands – where I could take control of my health rather than become a victim of it. 
I honestly can’t thank Bonnie enough for what she’s helped me do for myself! “

My thoughts:


Coaching Che was a challenge, no doubt about it, but she was eager an on board and that is key to make your coaching work. The work that the client puts in is what determines the outcome. My coaching is holistic, so I do a lot of cognitive behavioral coaching which involves questions designed to draw you out, analyze your situation and come up with your own solutions. As a coach, I simply guide you to do this. Health coaching is not superficial. We are not always overweight because we eat too much. It could be a combination of wrong dietary choices, environment factors, genetics and experiences that have influenced our choices and behavior. Coaching, although not therapy is helping you uncover these reasons. As Chelene said, I always refer and recommend someone to see the relevant health care provider for things out of my scope. For example a physiologist, dietician etc.

If you can relate to anything in her story and would like to do coaching with me, please contact me. I will be accepting new clients from January 2023. Space is limited because I believe in giving all my time, energy and attention to a select few at a time.

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