Clueless to Confident
Celiac Course

New to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle or Celiac diagnosis? Feeling overwhelmed and daunted by everything?

Go from this

  • I feel so overwhelmed
  • I’m so confused
  • I don’t know where to start

To This...

  • I am knowledgeable
  • I feel confident
  • I know what to do

Hi, I'm Bonnie

10 years ago, I too had to go gluten-free. I didn’t have a clue what I was going or how to do it. I struggled on my own for years. I don’t want that for you. So I have put together everything I have learned, researched, studied, trained and experienced over the past 10 years in this course so that you can live your Life as a Celiac with confidence but also so that you can be educated about your health and condition.

Not only do I bring in my own experience to help you in the day to day challenges but I also bring my training as certified Celiac Health coach and an Accredited DNAylsis Genetic practitioner.

This really is the ultimate course in Celiac Disease. You will learn things that Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians cannot teach you unless they personally have Celiac disease. There is so much more to just “going off gluten” and so much more to testing, diagnosing, and nutrition. This course will help you with the everyday challenges and struggles that only a fellow Celiac will know about.


You Will Discover and Educate yourself on...

  • Gluten-free food safety
  • How to read labels and other names for Gluten
  • Kitchen hygiene at home
  • Cross contamination: what it is, how it happens and how to avoid it
  • Cross-reactivity: what it is and why it happens
  • Social occasions: entertaining, traveling, eating out.
  • How to use your free Dinning out card
  • How to Shop as a Celiac
  • Parenting a child with Celiac Disease
  • Educating others tactfully about your condition
  • Education around common nutrient deficiency’s
  • Gluten-Free baking and cooking and recipes
  • The role genetics plays in our health
  • The common pitfalls people make when they go gluten-free and how you can avoid them.
  • Your health after diagnosis : Important Health checkups and nutrition.
  • Education on a healthy diet and nutrition
  • Education on looking after your gut health going forwards
  • How to cope emotionally
  • How to support your loved ones and how they can support you.

What you WON'T get in this course

  1. Meal Plans : I am not a dietitian
  2. Specific nutrition such as calories ( I am not a nutritionist)
  3. Treating, curing or diagnosing any condition or illness (I am not a doctor)
  4. Testing you for Celiac or food allergies (I am not a Medical doctor or allergist)
  5. Unsupported facts: Everything I share with you is backed my medical and scientific journals or based on my training and studies and I provide links where possible.
  6. One on one coaching, accountability, support (you will need to sign up for coaching for that)
  7. Genetic Testing is not included in this course.
  8. You can request a genetic test as a paid optional extra.

What you WILL get in this course

  1. As a Trained and Certified Health coach, I can give you education and support around…Diet and nutrition,Exercise,Stress,management and Gut health
  2. As a trained and qualified Genetic practitioner I can give you solid information on the genetics I am trained in.
  3. As a person who has Celiac Disease, I can share my knowledge and experience gained with this condition on everyday challenges and struggles such parenting, social situations, emotional and mental struggles coping with this condition and adjusting.
  4. As a self-taught Baker I can educate and teach you how to cook and bake gluten-free.
  5. You will get: Downloadable PDF resources, video classes,Slide show presentations,Recipes and recipe books,Video Baking masterclasses with printable recipes
  6. A course workbook over with 173 pages!!


Total value $615

Get it for $99 (R1910 ZAR)


 hours of video content.


Course workbook


Get over 60 recipes!


Get 6 Baking video masterclasses!

Your Life Before the course

Your Life After the course

Take a look at the course overview

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Food Guide (names of gluten in food)
  • Reading food labels
  • How to set up your kitchen for Celiac life
  • How to shop without having a nervous breakdown
  • What is cross contamination? (And how to avoid it)
  • What to do when you are glutened.
  • Social guide (How Celiac affects your social life/How to build a support system/traveling and vacationing/ordering at restaurants)
  • Dinning out
  • Social anxiety
  • Getting support
  • Understanding what happens inside of you with Celiac
  • Are Gluten degrading supplements safe?
  • Drug development for Celiac
  • How to look after your gut health after gluten
  • How to know if you are healing from intestinal permeability
  • leaky gut
  • When to take Probiotics
  • Meet the Baker
  • Terms of use
  • Your Gluten-free flour guide
  • GF Chocolate peanut butter snicker cake masterclass
  • GF chocolate brownie masterclass
  • GF Carrot cake masterclass
  • GF banana bread masterclass
  • GF Millionaire shortbreadmasterclass
  • GF Blueberry Frangipane tart masterclass
  • GF Dinner recipe book
  • GF and vegan recipe book
  •  Recipe book
  •  An extra 32 recipe book
  • Sugar and sugar alternatives

Education around:

  • What are the common nutritional deficiencies in Celiac Disease?
  • Fermentable foods
  • Lectins
  • Grains
  • Cross reactivity
  • My tips and suggestions
  • Helping your child cope
  • Getting support and guidance
  • Family Genetics
  • The 5 stages of grief
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Making new food memories
  • checkups
  • support in the family
  • Related autoimmune conditions
  • HLA Autoimmune risk Test
  • CD and your hormones
  • How to change your mindset around your condition


Total value $615

Get it for $99 (R1910 ZAR)

F&A about the course

You’re probably thinking that you can just google the information or look it up and yes, you can. But here is why taking a course is better…

  • The information you get on the internet might not always be correct or may be outdated. I bring you the latest information because I am always doing research on the latest studies and I subscribe to Celiac news who also give me the latest updates.
  • If I had this course when I first went gluten-free, I KNOW I would of saved so much time and effort, made less mistakes and been so much more confident in my lifestyle and changes. I am thinking about WHERE I was and WHO I was and bringing you everything I wish I had known back then.
  • A course is a fast track to education, knowledge and taking the necessary action you need to take to get your health on track now and into your future years.

While my course will probably have a lot of the same information on the basics: reading labels, shopping, other names for gluten, how to travel, eat out and socialize with celiac, it also has a few unique things I bring to the table…

  • I am a certified health coach so I have actual training in health related content to help you.
  • I am a genetic practitioner, so I offer the option of getting your genetics tested so that you can use that to your advantage to make changes to better your health.
  • I am a parent who has raised a child with celiac disease. My children are now 22 and 19 and so I have life experience behind me in this regard.
  • As a celiac myself, I have first hand experience ongoing 9 years now (but was symptomatic for 12 years before that) and have had many health issues to contend with as a result of long term damage caused by Celiac.
  • I have experience in food sensitivities and how to overcome them and elimination diets
  • I run a home gluten-free bakery for the past 3 years and so I bring my own recipes and baking masterclasses to this course too.
  • And lastly no two people are alike, so my course is going to be unique in the way it is presented because it is my take on things.
  • I research and study medical studies and journals and put them into an easy to understand language for you and make sure that what I share is backed up.

My course is designed to teach you everything I would in coaching 12 week period. Which would cost you $615 in total. You get everything for a fraction of the cost.

I am not here to do a hard sell. My course will benefit the right person.

I designed this course thinking about how long I struggled, why I struggled and what I actually needed at the time to save myself time, money, energy, emotional energy and my health. All of which would of been priceless at the time.

In Total there is about 10 hours of video content but there is also a course workbook that you can download and read per lesson.

How long it takes is up to you. But you can learn everything that coaching would teach you in 12 weeks in a much shorter space of time.

This course is designed to educate you. It is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose anything nor does it offer you a specific result such as gut repair, healing, or a specific protocol to follow.

Due to the nature of this course, there are strictly NO refunds offered. Please be 100% sure when you purchase this course.

I have designed the course to be universal. However it is only available in English. Some terminology may differ as I am South Africa. But the struggles Celiac’s face are universal.

The only thing that may differ slightly is reading labels. But I have included a links that you can check for your country: USA, UK, Australia as to how they apply to your country’s regulations regarding labels.

No live coaching calls are given during this course. It is purely a self-paced course with recorded video content. If you would like a session of live coaching to help with something specific during the course, please contact me. Any coaching is a paid optional extra as is genetic testing.

Information is always changing as I take my role very seriously, so yes, from time to time the course information will be updated to display the latest information as I see necessary.


Total value $615

Get it for $99 (R1910 ZAR)