Launching soon….Clueless to confident Celiac Course

I need to tell you a bit more about the course…

The Clueless to confident Celiac Course is about…


*learning how to SMASH Practical everyday challenges and struggles like shopping, reading labels, socializing, events, traveling, vacations, eating out.

*How to Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. There are so many of these I see new Celiacs making all the time!

* Becoming Educated because knowledge is POWER. When you KNOW what to DO, the doing is easier! These are things I wish I had known when I first had to go off gluten.


Why is it different from 1:1 coaching?


  • It’s a self paced course so you get to do it all in your own pace and keep your lifetime access to it.
  • It’s cheaper than coaching because there is no coaching involved, but…
  • The difference is that There is three LIVE Group coaching calls, 1 every week on a Monday at 6pm SAST time for 3 weeks. It will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t join live, you can watch the recording which will be added to the program.
  • The course is limited to 15 people this first round.


I’ll be sharing more information in the days to come…stay tuned to find out more and launch date etc.

Click here to join the waitlist! (extra benefits!!)

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