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Your Guide to Gluten Cross-contamination in Celiac

Get your free guide to everything you need to know about gluten cross-contamination with Celiac Disease. How it happens, how to avoid it and how to protect yourself at home, eating out and socializling.

10 Essentials for healthy Celiac Living

10 Essentials you need to master to be healthy living with Celiac Disease.

See which ones you are doing well with and which ones you need help with.

Celiac Disease and NCGS

A 6 day email course delivered straight to your inbox.

Educational information all about Celiac Disease and Non-celiac gluten sensitivity that is linked to evidence based sources.

Disclaimer: This is an educational course to learn more about this condition such as:

  • symptoms
  • testing
  • diagnosing

Source linked to NCBI articles for your reference.

Gluten-Free Staple Guide

If you are new to a gluten-free diet or Celiac Life, my gluten-free staples guide can help you.

With a 2 page checklist you can print over and over.


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Finding your self worth workbook

Finding your self worth

If you are struggling with a negative self image, then it may be time to start doing some introspection and delve into finding your self worth.

This workbook will help you begin your journey.

Journal for Mental health

A workbook to help you use the powerful aid of journaling for mental health.

Discover how Journaling can help you in many different aspects.

Journal for mental health
Self care workbook

Self care workbook

Self care simply means taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, you can work, you can take of the ones you love.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

This workbook teaches you all about self care and how to do it in a balanced way but also how to find what works for you.