The Holistic Gut

You've been battling with digestive issues, food sensitivities, poor mood and chronic daily bloating for ages...

You would like to overcome these things, but you have no clue why they are happening or what to do about it.

You would like a better understanding as to how to nourish your body.

You’d like to learn practical ways to improve your gut health through your diet, lifestyle and environment.

You’d like a deeper insight into the workings of your gut and how it affects everything else in your body

How do I know I need help with my gut health?

Your gut is a complex organ that is often overlooked. It has a bi-directional relationship between your brain and organs. This means what is happening in your gut, affects everything else in your body and mind.

If you experience any of the following, it is a possible indication that attention needs to be paid to improving your gut health:

    • chronic daily bloating
    • weight fluctuations/inability to lose weight
    • constipation
    • itchy, dry skin, various skin conditions
    • low-grade inflammation
    • susceptibility for infections
    • hair loss or thinning hair
    • brittle nails
    • anxiety, depression and other mood instability
    • brain fog, poor memory, poor concentration
    • food sensitivities

The Holistic Gut Program

The Holistic gut program is an intensive 6-week program, complete with weekly live group coaching calls and self-paced material. This course is designed to educate you, empower you and equip you to take the action needed to improve your gut health.

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A Quick Story...

I struggled with health issues for years. I had it all: gut imbalance which led to leaky gut which led to Celiac Disease and then I still struggled for a few years after that trying to overcome food sensitivities and chronic bloating and digestive woes.

It’s been a long time since. In the process I learned through trial and error, through education, through making informed and educated decisions, how to improve my gut health which ultimately improved my overall health.

Better sleep, better skin, better mood, better mental clarity, balanced hormones…just better everything.

Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Of course!

This is NOT a quick-fix,  a promise for a cure, treatment or specific guarantee. I don’t believe in that. After all, I didn’t get to where I am today by chance or from popping a miracle pill or drinking a special tonic for 4 weeks. I got here through hard work, by making many changes and learning what worked for me and what didn’t and THIS is what I teach you in this program.

My qualifications: Certified Nutritional health coach and Accredited DNAylsis genetic practitioner

Why should I care about my gut health?

What happens if you ignore the “Low fuel” light on your car’s dashboard?

Well eventually you will run out of fuel (gas) and it might happen in an unsafe area or late at night. Nobody wants that!

Your body has “Low Fuel” warnings in the way of symptoms. Ignoring symptoms is not going to make the cause go away. Things will continue to deteriorate and your health will suffer.

Research shows that our gut is connected to every organ in our body. We have the gut-organ axis, gut-brain axis, gut-liver axis, gut-bone axis, gut-skin axis, gut-adipose axis, gut-heart axis and the gut-pancreas axis.

If you don’t learn how to take care of your gut, you could end up with heart problems, autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, cognitive decline and much more. 

Your gut is the key to balanced hormones, weight management, energy levels, and better mental health.

Program Details....

Length: The Holistic Gut program is 6 weeks. Hop on the VIP waitlist by clicking the button below. 

Doors open to those on the VIP waitlist 24-hours before the public

Doors open to the public: 8th January 2024

Program Structure: 6 GROUP Live 1+ hour-long group Zoom calls. These will be recorded in case you miss any.

Access: Limited to the 6 weeks that the course runs.

Program Starts: 15th January 2024



Investment option 1 -Without Genetic Test

One payment of R3295 ZAR /(USD $177)



Payment plan:

ZAR (South African rand) two installments of R1647.50

 USD two installments of $88.50


Investment option 2
-With Genetic Test

One payment of R6147 ZAR | $446 -Includes a DNA Health Genetic test and feedback consult plus program


Payment plan: 

ZAR 1st Installment: R2850, 2nd Installment  R1647.50, 3rd Installment  R1647.50

USD : 1st installment $269, 2nd installment $88.50, 3rd installment $88.50

(The first installment is your genetic test with the lab)

A breakdown of what you can expect

Week 1

The Gut

In this week we cover the fundamentals of the gut: how the microbiome begins, the gut lining, gut-brain axis, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, food allergies and sensitivities, autoimmune disease, the immune system and much more.

Week 2

Stress and hormones

This week we discuss how stress impacts the body and gut, the HPA axis, stress release tools, the impact of grief, trauma and PTSD on the body and mind and how this impacts gut health. We also look at the interplay between stress and hormones, change of life and gut-hormone balance

Week 3

Lifestyle and Environment

You will learn what lifestyle and environment factors influence your gut, the choices you make, about genetics, exercise, sleep, alcohol and how the products you use in your home and on your body affect you.

Week 4

Nutrition and Diet

You will learn how we digest food, blood sugar balance, the importance of fiber, probiotics and prebiotics, macronutrients, micronutrients, nutritional deficiencies, mindful eating.

Week 5


Your mindset plays a huge role in determining your success of carrying out  recommendations as well as making needed changes to your diet, lifestyle and environment to improve your gut health. We discuss possible challenges and how to overcome these.

Week 6

Wrap up/what now

You will learn what do next after the course to continue on your own. Other things are also covered like histamine intolerance, and further genetic testing options mentioned in this course.

Optional Extras

*Genetic Testing

*One on one coaching


*Evidence based education

*Downloadable resources


*Live Coaching calls

*Email support


Frequently asked questions?

No meal plans are given in this program. Only a registered dietitian can provide those. However, As a certified nutritional health coach, I do provide nutritional education in the course, such as: macro and micro nutrients; how to eat; how to have a healthy diet; education around nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar balance and more.

No. I am not a medical practitioner. Nothing in this course is medical nor is it meant to treat, cure or diagnose anything. Neither is it promising a specific result or “healing”. It is an educational and practical program to help you make changes in your diet and various lifestyle and changes in your environment to improve your gut health. If you would like to follow up with any blood tests or functional tests, you will need to speak to your medical practitioner with regards to these.

This program is limited to 10 partipants for the duration of the 6 weeks. I have done this so that I can be available to offer support via email (within reason) or via the question and answer platform provided in the program. Support does not include extra calls besides the 6 weekly group calls allocated for the program. If you would like to have an in depth call, a regular paid appointment will need to be made. However, the course has various assessments and assignments that I personally  provide email feedback on.

The course launches  on the 15th January 2024. The program is a combination of a weekly live group call (on zoom) and self paced material that will be available on the program. The Live coaching calls are recorded so if you miss one, you can catch it up. However, these are live because they give you an opportunity to learn in person and also to ask questions after each presentation.

While I can’t guarantee you will have perfect gut health after this course, if you follow the recommended advice given in this course, then in time, you could get to the root cause of your digestive issues and you will definitely gain a deeper understanding of your body and how it works and how to take care of your gut.

This program is to help you improve your gut health by giving you the tools needed to do so. The work you personally put it will depend on your own unique results.

This program is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix, cure, treatment or medical advice. It is not for you if you are not willing to put the work in weekly (self assessments and assignments) and the work you will need to continue to do long-term, long after the course has finished.

Do the nature of this program running a few times a year, you will only have access to the program material for the duration of the 6 weeks.

I am not claiming my program is the best or that is different to anything else out there. However, I have had gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, food sensitivities and I have an autoimmune condition. My program is based on personal experience and on my certified training. I also love researching and giving you evidence based education. As a genetic practitioner, I offer genetic testing with this program as it can give you a deeper insight going forward.

If you like learning, if you like practical things and if you like  evidence based education and you want to learn specifically from me, then you will enjoy my program.

Payments are made through YOCO which accepts all international debit and credit cards.

However, if you’d like to pay through Paypal, please contact me and this can be set up for you.

Nothing in my program is meant to treat, cure or diagnose any condition. I don’t sell supplements nor do I prescribe meal plans and neither is the program based on anything medical. These are every day, practical changes you can make with your nutrition, lifestyle and home environment that can benefit everyone. For any supplement suggestions, you should always check with your healthcare provider before making any changes.

If your name is on the wait list, you get access to the open cart day 24 hours earlier than everyone else (including a reduced price). Since it’s limited to 10 people, if you’re on the wait list, it basically reserves your spot.

Some things I teach you in this program...

In your home: Easy swaps you can make from chemicals to natural cleaning products

Skin and Body care: easy swaps from commercial products to natural ones

Diet and Nutrition: what types of foods to include, swaps to make and methods to implement  in your daily life.

Daily Habits: Practices you can change, remove or implement for better gut health

Lifestyle:  changes you can make to improve your health

Mindset: Learn what mindset challenges you need to overcome to achieve better health and how to do it and how to do it.

Genetics: My course is one of the few out there offering you a unique opportunity to dig deep and get answers as to what genetics you carry that, together with what you are doing in your life currently, are influencing them to behave in a certain way. Genetic testing is a powerful tool that helps you better your health! I know, I have done it myself and helped many of my clients to do the same.

Imagine your life without digestive woes...

  • Waking up with energy
  • reducing bloating (that means being able to wear pants all day without feeling like by the end of the day you are busting out of them!)
  • tuning in to what your body is telling you
  • reducing headaches
  • choosing healthier options and understanding why it’s better for you (and loving it!)
  • looking younger
  • enjoying better skin
  • experiencing better hormones
  • going through life changes like peri-menopause with more ease
  • realizing your gut and hormones are connected and awful PMS symptoms are NOT normal.
  • knowing how to nourish your body from the outside in
  • understanding how your genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle all contribute to your health and making the changes needed

These are all things I personally experienced and you can too if you learn how to and then apply the knowledge.

This is for you if...

This program is not for everyone. But it is for you if you are tired of trying new things and not getting relief. If you are willing to put effort, time and consistency into daily habits to improve your gut health. If you understand that no program can promise you anything…with anything in life, YOU are the master of your life and it is up to YOU to make those changes. This program will educate, empower and support you to do that.

*Hop on the wait list to stay updated by clicking the button below. Course runs January 15th-Feburary 19th 2024. Doors open January 8th