This is why Celiac Disease takes so long to diagnose….

One of my clients came to me looking for help. Her symptoms all pointed towards Celiac Disease. However, I am not a doctor. As a health coach I cannot treat, cure or diagnose anything.

I asked her to go back to her GP and insist on  Celiac Panel test. Which she did and guess what?

It was positive. Her doctor never thought to check for Celiac because she was not vomiting, did not have diarrhea and was not underweight. In this day and age, most of us know what Celiac Disease does not have any definitive symptoms anymore. In fact, we also know it can be silent as in asymptomatic.

As a member of Various support groups, I often see many who are undiagnosed saying they are speaking to their doctor about symptoms but being ignored or brushed off. They are asking to be tested but being refused.


Celiac disease is one of the most common autoimmune conditions, but it is also one of the most undiagnosed and it is because of this reason!! Doctors not taking people seriously and not doing routine checks. A celiac panel test is quick, relatively inexpensive and yet can give so much information to help someone in their diagnosis and in moving forward.

We are told to seek medical help and yet refused it when it sought.

My message is two fold….

If you are having symptoms of any kind (it does not only have to be gastrointestinal) that persist and interferes with the quality of your life to please seek medical care. INSIST on a celiac test. Better yet, go armed with your genetic test (which you can do with me) if you show positive for the Celiac HLA markers as this makes serum testing much easier as well.

Find a doctor who cares and who takes your concerns seriously. If you get brushed off, look for a new doctor. Nobody deserves to be treated with such disrespect.

My message to the medical world


Please stop brushing people off and ignoring their valid requests. Celiac Disease is not a fun condition to live with and affects someone’s quality of life physically,mentally, emotionally , financially and socially. Make a Celiac panel test a routine test especially since many do not display symptoms.

Doctors should be encouraging awareness and support around this condition, not dismissing it.

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