This is why I became a health coach

This is why I became a coach.

It is so rewarding helping others to get the answers and help they need.

Did you know it takes on average 5-13 years for someone to get a proper diagnosis for Celiac Disease? How crazy is that?


Here are some sad but true facts about diagnosing CD:


  •   ️It is often misdiagnosed as IBS.
  •   ️If you don’t fit the criteria for classic CD, it’s not really looked into further. (Classic criteria: have diarrhea, underweight, abdominal pain/bloating)
  •   ️ There is not enough awareness of this condition
  •   ️ medical experts at times do not know enough about it to offer advice, support and guidance as to life after diagnosis.


It has been my experience that you go to a endocrinologist for your hormones not for your knee injury, likewise it’s the part that comes after the diagnosis that is the most daunting and overwhelming and the most crucial when it comes to transitioning to a strict forever gluten-free life. Your doctor only knows textbook stuff not the raw, day to day hardship such a condition brings if they haven’t experienced it themselves.


People become health coaches because they themselves have been through something hard and they want to help others in a similar situation so that they don’t have to battle.


You get health coaches with different strengths according to their personal experiences. For example:A coach for hormone balancing or  IBS, stress management or managing weight.


My strength is: Gluten intolerance whether that be Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, food sensitivities, Fodmap and leaky gut. I’ve had personal experience with these things and educated myself extensively.  Becoming a health coach was an aha moment for me.


Seeing my clients  make changes that benefit them is the best feeling in the world. I feel very honored to be someone’s coach. It’s a privilege and a huge responsibility and one I take very seriously.


 I’m with you on your journey,  every step of the way. Sign up Today for one on one coaching with me.

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