Why I created the Clueless to Confident Celiac Course

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I want to tell you WHY I created this course.


9 years ago when I had to go off gluten I was pretty clueless about what it was, what it did, about Celiac disease and the far reaching implications it would present. I struggled on my own, feeling isolated, alone, rejected. I didn’t know anybody else who had to do what I was doing. Social things were a nightmare. I had a huge amount of anger and resentment about having to change so much about my life. It seemed ridiculous. I couldn’t understand why such a small thing could have such a big impact. All I knew is that I was sick and I was sick of being sick.

Even after going off gluten, I was tired, depressed, bloated every single day, and It felt pretty much the same for a few years. The only thing that really got better was the tingling in my hands and feet, the brain fog began to lift and the joint pain started to ease up and of course not having the debilitating abdominal pain from eating gluten.

Looking back I can see all the mistakes I made, I can see how long I stayed stuck and clueless and lost and angry and isolated. I can see how the lack of confidence kept me back. Because I wasn’t educated, I wasn’t clued up, I knew the basics but it wasn’t enough. I was never 100% well. Until I started to learn and educate myself and take action.

And that is why I created this course…because I was once where you are. I was once a clueless celiac. And now I want to help you by giving you the education and knowledge you need to understand your condition inside out. By giving you guidance and help in making your health a priority by getting the basic foundation pillars of it sorted out. By helping you to Look deeper than just going off gluten and understand how your genetics, lifestyle, environment, diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress influence your health on so many levels.

I want you to get over your digestive issues, your food sensitivities. I want you to reduce your inflammation. I want you to learn how to manage your condition in the years post diagnosis and to what to look out for. If you are a parent of a child with Celiac Disease, I want to offer you support.

So this is my WHY.

If you are interested in my course, then please see the info page.

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