Hi, I'm Bonnie

If I had to describe myself in one sentence:

  • A 40-something Creative,arty, coffee-addict who loves cats, nature and baking,  learning, reading medical journals and helping others.

I became a health coach and a DNAylsis nutrigenetic practititoner so that I could help others to go from feeling overwhelmed and lost to having confidence while achieving our health goals.

HELP! I just got diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I have no idea where to start!

If that is you, I know how you feel, I once felt that way too. I have Celiac Disease. I have been gluten-free for 9 years now. Living this way is not even a second thought most of the time  now but it wasn’t always that way…

In the beginning I was confused and lost. I didn’t have the resources and support I needed. There was no gluten-free food at the shops. I was lost and overwhelmed and struggled on my own for years.

I had to be my own advocate and teacher and educated myself on my condition. I taught myself how to bake and cook gluten-free and in 2020 opened up my own gluten-free home bakery. I’ve developed many recipes of my own and enjoyed educating people on my instagram page. This lead to me studying to become a coach because I wanted to help more people on a one-to-one basis, especially with those new to gluten intolerance and a Celiac diagnosis.

Now I help you go from Clueless to Confident!

What I do...

Certified Health Coach

I trained at the International Sports Science Association. I am also someone who has Celiac Disease myself. But I don’t just help people with Celiac. My coaching is also to help people who want to set health goals, figure out food sensitivities and work on improving gut health.

Accredited DNAylsis Genetic practitioner

I am a trained  DNAylsis practitioner in Nutrigenetics. Using the power of genetics to help you make healthy choices for the better expression of your genes.

Gluten-free baker of 9 years

I have developed many of my own recipes. I started my own home bakery business in 2020.

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Want to learn more?

Your Life Before coaching

Your Life After coaching

I have been struggling with anxiety and weight issues for more than 15 years now. In the short time I have been doing coaching with Bonnie, I already feel better about myself and I finally feel like I will be able to reach my goals. It is so nice having someone who cares about your success and that is checking up on you. Bonnie is a great coach.
Jasmine Erasmus
Thanks Bonnie for helping me put the pieces together so that the healing can begin. You have helped me understand the effects of food inside my body and motivated me not to give up. I have been to so many professionals for help and you are the first person who picked up that I may have Celiac. After getting a positive result I have been even more confidence in your ability as my coach. Thank you!
Cherise Smit
Bonnie is a great health coach because of her holistic approach. She worked with me to connect the issues and to find the root cause. In just 3 months of weekly appointments, I made unimaginable progress in how i viewed myself, and began to take the necessary steps towards better health. She also suggested I do DNA testing so I could put the power back into my hands.
Chelene Sounes

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