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Clueless to Confident Celiac Coaching

New to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle or Celiac diagnosis? Feeling overwhelmed and daunted by everything?


General Coaching

General health coaching for: overall well being, food sensitivities, gut health, stress, sleep, exercise, diet and nutrition, mindset and habit formation, goal setting.

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I am an accredited Practitioner for DNAlysis in nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and pharmacogenetics. Please see my Genetic page for more information.

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the confident celiac course

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Health Coaching is a field of practice in which the Coach will help you implement lifestyle changes through thinking and behavior to improve your physical health by means of education, support, motivation, guidance in diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress , goal setting and habit formation.

No. A health coach simply gives advice, suggestions, support, guiding, mentoring and motivation to make changes to better one’s health.

Therapy is for recovery and coaching is for discovery.

A Health coach has been trained on various conditions (for example hypertension or Diabetes) and can implement a plan to improve your health and lifestyle. However, A health coach NEVER takes the place of these health care professionals. In fact we often refer you to them when we cannot provide the help you need.

Coaching is for as long as you need it. It can be one session or a few sessions over a period of weeks or months. A coach is there to help you help yourself by means of changing behavior and habits for the better.

 A Health coach cannot prescribe nutritional diets or supplements. However, a Health coach can offer advice and suggestions surrounding nutrition and educate clients to make their own choices.

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