Celiac Coaching

New to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle or Celiac diagnosis? Feeling overwhelmed and daunted by everything?

Are you struggling with knowing what to do after you were told to "just go off gluten"?

Hi, I'm Bonnie

I know how you feel, I too once felt lost, alone, anxious, overwhelmed and confused.

There is a lot to learn about this autoimmune condition (and I am still learning even after 9 years!) and a lot to change after you go off gluten.

That is why I became a health coach specifically, not only to help people transition to a life with Celiac disease but how to live their best healthy life in the years to come after that.

Who am I?

Certified Health Coach

I trained at the International Sports Science Association. I am also someone who has Celiac Disease myself.

Accredited DNAylsis Genetic practitioner

I am a trained  DNAylsis practitioner in Nutrigenetics. Using the power of genetics to help you make healthy choices for the better expression of your genes.

Gluten-free baker of 9 years

I have developed many of my own recipes. I started my own home bakery business in 2020.

My coaching program

This is a 12 week coaching program aimed at helping you as a newly diagnosed Celiac in a  step by step process to help you learn how to transition to a gluten-free lifestyle and deal with the day to day challenges that come with it. 

Each week you will receive a coaching call followed by a recap email that will have resources in for that week as well as “homework” assignments for you to work on during the week.

Your program is structured but it is also personalized to YOUR health needs with recommended (but optional) DNA genetic testing.

Please note that with coaching there are no meal plans or specific calorie or nutritional content given. 

As a health coach I educate you on basic nutrition but anything more specific, you will need to consult with a dietician or nutritionist.

My coaching is centered more on evidence based education so that you can bridge the gap between mindset and behavior changes to achieve better overall health outcomes.

My coaching is more about teaching you to use the tools you already possess, helping you to make your own health decisions, supporting you, educating you and helping you to transition to a life with Celiac disease.

There is nothing medical about coaching. Health involves being knowledgeable so that we can make better choices, it also involves making lifestyle and environmental changes, all of which I help you with.

What we cover...

  • Gluten-free food safety
  • How to read food labels and other names for Gluten
  • Kitchen hygiene at home
  • setting up a shared kitchen
  • Cross contamination: what it is, how it happens and how to avoid it
  • Cross-reactivity: what it is and why it happens
  • Social occasions: entertaining, traveling, eating out.
  • How to use your free Dinning out card
  • How to Shop as a Celiac
  • support: building your support system
  • how to make changes in your diet, lifestyle and environment for your health
  • Educating others tactfully about your condition
  • Education around common nutrient deficiency’s so that you know how to seek help.
  • Gluten-Free baking and cooking and recipes
  • Education around common pitfalls people make when they go gluten-free and how you can avoid them.
  • education around checkups and nutrition and what to ask your health care provider.
  • Education on healthy diet and nutrition
  • Education on looking after your gut health going forwards
  • How to cope emotionally

What you WON'T get in coaching

  1. Meal Plans : I am not a dietitian
  2. Specific nutrition such as calories ( I am not a nutritionist)
  3. Treating, curing or diagnosing any condition or illness (I am not a doctor)
  4. Testing you for Celiac or food allergies (I am not a Medical doctor or allergist)
  5. Unsupported facts: Everything I share with you is backed my medical and scientific journals or based on my training and studies and I provide links where possible.

What you WILL get in coaching

  1. Education and support around…Diet and nutrition,Exercise,Stress,management and Gut health as well as goal setting, habit formation and how to overcome common challenges and struggles you will face with this condition.
  2. Genetic Testing that really adds so much more to your life. Discover your genetics and get personalized lifestyle, diet and nutrition intervention recommendations.
  3. As a person who has Celiac Disease, I can share my knowledge and experience gained with this condition on everyday challenges and struggles such parenting, social situations, emotional and mental struggles coping with this condition and adjusting.
  4. As a self-taught Baker I can educate and teach you how to cook and bake gluten-free.
  5. You will get: Downloadable PDF resources, video classes,Slide show presentations,Recipes and recipe books,Video Baking masterclasses with printable recipes
  6. You get everything the Confident Celiac self-paced course offers but you get it in a personalized Method to suit your individual needs and journey.

Your Life Before coaching

Your Life After coaching


NOTE: All prices are listed in USD.
Payment is via Paypal-all international credit and debit cards accepted. Contact me if you wish to pay via YOCO in South African Rands.

Per Session

  • In ZAR R950 per session
  • Weekly payable invoice

Payment Plan

  • In ZAR R3800 per month for 3 months
  • Monthly invoice for 3 months

See what some of my clients have said...

I have been struggling with anxiety and weight issues for more than 15 years now. In the short time I have been doing coaching with Bonnie, I already feel better about myself and I finally feel like I will be able to reach my goals. It is so nice having someone who cares about your success and that is checking up on you. Bonnie is a great coach.
Jasmine Erasmus
Thanks Bonnie for helping me put the pieces together so that the healing can begin. You have helped me understand the effects of food inside my body and motivated me not to give up. I have been to so many professionals for help and you are the first person who picked up that I may have Celiac. After getting a positive result I have been even more confidence in your ability as my coach. Thank you!
Cherise Smit
Bonnie is a great health coach because of her holistic approach. She worked with me to connect the issues and to find the root cause. In just 3 months of weekly appointments, I made unimaginable progress in how I viewed myself, and began to take the necessary steps towards better health. She also suggested I do DNA testing so I could put the power back into my hands.
Chelene Sounes

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