Gut Health Masterclass



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This class will help you understand the role and function of the gut, The Gut-brain axis, what affects the gut, the difference between gut dysbiosis and leaky gut, how to test for leaky gut and suggestions and recommendations for lifestyle, supplements, daily living, and nutrition to improve your gut health and start healing from Intestinal permeability.


*What the gut microbiome is and how it is formed at birth

*the difference between gut dysbiosis and leaky gut

*The contributing factors towards gut dysbiosis and leaky gut

*How genetics are involved

*How allergies are formed

*symptoms of Leaky gut

*how you can test for leaky gut

*The gut-brain-axis

*how stress impacts the gut

*The four R’s in starting to help your gut


Disclaimer: Nothing in this masterclass is meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. It is not meant to take the place of any medical treatment. It is an educational masterclass provided to help you make healthy, sustainable changes in things like diet and lifestyle so that you can help your gut health.


10am, 2pm