What you should know before starting psych medication


Psych medication

We don’t all metabolise medication the same way. Each person will metabolise, transport and bind certain drugs in a unique way according to their unique genetic makeup.

Wouldn’t you want to know how an antidepressant or some other psychiatric medication would effect you before beginning it?

Wouldn’t you want to know how or if you would respond and the possibility of side effects or even treatment failure?

The DNA Medcheck test does just this.

It gives insight into how you metabolize, transport and bind specific drugs, which in turn allows your physician to prescribe the medications that are most likely to prove effective whilst minimizing the side effects.

We all know how antidepressants can have terrible side effects, sometimes worse than what the original problem is.

Contact me for your DNA Medcheck test if you:

• Are starting a psychiatric medication
• are considering changing your medication
• Are experiencing side-effects to your current medication
• Are not responding to your medication
• If your prescribing doctor is constantly having to adjust the dose of your medication

This test applies to the following medication (note it does not test every single medication available.)

Anti ADHD agents
Anti convulsants
Anti dementia agents
Anti depressants
Anti psychotics
Mood stabilizers
And other neurological agents

Don’t leave things to chance. Your genes influence how you respond to medication either negatively or positively.

Contact me for your Medcheck test today.

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