Undiagnosed Celiac Disease and Fertility

Disclaimer: this information is not meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. It is purely educational and informative information.   According to several medical journals, undiagnosed Celiac Disease can cause a wide range of gynecological and obstetric issues including delayed menus, early menopause and secondary amenorrhoea. Women with undiagnosed celiac disease have been shown to have up to a nine-fold relative risk of recurrent miscarriage compared with treated patients.(treatment referring to adherence to a gluten-free diet) Nutritional Deficiencies due to malabsorption can cause reproductive and pregnancy complications. Undiagnosed celiac disease may cause folic acid, vitamin B12, fat-soluble vitamin and iron deficiencies, which may further adversely effect Fertility. Gliadin may also induce an inflammatory reaction with associated cytokine production, which may adversely affect the fetus. Adherence to a gluten-free diet has been shown to reduce circulating autoantibodies and the risk of possible miscarriage. Sources: PMC4989603 Pubmed7988064 This information highlights the need for early diagnosis for Celiac Disease (not to ignore symptoms, thinking it is just a gluten sensitivity) because the consequences of staying undiagonosed and thus failing to adhere to a strict life-long gluten avoidance can possibly lead to problems such as discussed here.

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