Why is Celiac Disease on the increase?

Why is Celiac disease and gluten intolerance increasing?
Our food is not the same as it was 50-100 years ago.


✳️Farming methods= depleted of nutrients. So the food being grown in that soil is lacking in nutrients.

✳️ We end up ingesting the pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides which messes up our gut microbiome.

✳️ The refining and processing methods, cold storage, all of this further strips food of nutrients.

✳️ The protein of gluten is extracted and then add it to everything under the sun so that what was naturally occurring in a tiny amount in wheat based food, is now in everything from meat, chips, sweets, sauces, to anything really. We are consuming more gluten than what our body is made to digest.

✳️ Convenient, take-away, ready-made foods are full of preservatives, additives, colorants, sugar, saturated fats and contain little nutritional value.

⚠️ But it’s not only about the extra gluten, farming methods, depleted soil and lackadaisical ways. It’s also about our lifestyle, environment and genetics.

⚠️We are exposed to more toxins that pollute our bodies than ever before, from the products we use on our body and in our home, to the toxins in our food.
In my coaching practice, I use the powerful tool of genetic testing as a foundation. Evidence based education and combined with personal experience, I teach you step-by-step to take a deeper look at your life on a holistic level so that you can implement changes in your diet, lifestyle and environment to improve your health.

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