The power of keeping a Journal


I started my first journal at the age of about 12. It was one of those where you start each entry with “Dear Diary”. Thirty-one years later and I still keep a journal. I have boxes and boxes of them.

A Journal is a powerful self-help tool. A form of therapy.


Journaling can be used for:

  • memory keeping
  • writing down experiences
  • recording dreams
  • setting goals
  • brain storming ideas
  • brain dumping
  • keeping a record of your hopes, dreams and ambitions
  • combating negative thoughts
  • coping with stress and anxiety
  • working through problems

It is a rewarding process that frees thoughts trapped in your mind and translates them onto paper.

Things otherwise forgotten can be recorded and reviewed at a later stage. As a mother whose children are now grown, it’s wonderful to look back on their baby days and read about things they said and did that otherwise I would of forgotten about.

A journal is a liberating art form that requires nothing more than some time and a pen and a your favorite book.

I used to make journals and sell them. I probably made well over 300 journals. There is something so therapeutic about book binding.


If you are looking for some tips in starting a journal, download my FREE workbook. (PDF) here

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