The benefits of cold water immersion

This is something I have been practicing for a while and I find the benefits are many, to name a few: feeling more calm, energized and sleeping better on days I do it. Here are some other benefits: • Increases blood flow because it causes the blood vessels to constrict where the area is submerged, thus directing the blood flow to your organs. • After emerging from cold water, the blood vessels expand, oxygen and nutrient rich blood gets pumped back into your tissues, removing waste and lowering inflammation • Speeds up resting metabolic rate and stimulates the release of catecholmines which are compounds released by your nervous system that activate your immune system • Helps reduce pain and post exercise soreness • Can help ease feelings of depression and anxiety-probably due to the extra blood flow to the brain • The sympathetic nervous system is activated so you feel more energized. • 3-5 minutes is enough to feel the benefits. Give it a go and see how you feel.

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The benefits of grounding

Grounding is direct contact if the human body with the earth. It can be walking barefoot, lying on the ground or some other type of direct contact with your skin and the earth such as swimming in the ocean or a river. Studies show that grounding is beneficial for: • Reducing inflammation • Helping with wound healing • Strengthening the immune system • Improving sleep • Helps promote mitochondria health • Helps balance ROS (reactive oxygen species) • Improves mood • Increases your exposure to sunlight which is important reducing cortisol, hormones and absorption of Vitamin D This is an ongoing study in how the earths electrons work with the human body. We live in an age where we wear shoes almost constantly and spend more time in doors, have less exposure to nature, sunlight and the beneficial effects of grounding. You can walk barefoot on the grass or beach. Aim for just 10 minutes a day. I bet you will feel the benefits.

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Welcome to Bountifully Healthy!

Let me introduce myself… My name is Bonnie.  I am a certified health coach. I’m also so many other things like a wife, mom, baker, writer, journal-maker, Interior Decorator, computer nerd, cat lover, coffee drinker, hiker, nature-lover. Oh and I have Celiac Disease. That brings me today Celiac Disease is the reason I am here today…having started this website and having taken a course to become a certified Health Coach. It’s taken a long time to get here and I can’t say I ever had an inkling that I would have ended up here! But it’s funny how life works out. Two and a half years ago, I made a big leap by starting my own Gluten-free bakery from home and it’s been a lovely time but it also made me realize that much as I love baking and love providing people with gluten-free food that they can enjoy, it was always more about the help and support I wanted to give about Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. The Food was just a small part of that. Health became a life-long learning curve for me when I discovered I was gluten intolerant. I was lost, scared, overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. I had to educate myself. Sure I had the support of my husband but it felt very much like I was in a vacuum. I didn’t know of a single other person who had this condition. I finally knew what was wrong with me after years of being symptomatic and not knowing what it was. It was 14 years from the time I got my first persistent symptoms until my questions were answered! However, due to the damage from Celiac Disease, I developed Leaky gut which lead to depression, skin rashes, dental damage, hormone imbalance to name a few. It took a few years to come right and heal from all all of that. Health Coaching Fast forward to 2022 and here I am: Living with this autoimmune condition and helping to create awareness around it, and also helping others who have this condition or to get a diagnosis the correct way and how to live with this condition. It is still something that is being researched on constantly and things are always changing in the medical world when it comes to new information. Celiac Disease affects different aspects of your life, including having a direct impact on your mental and emotional health, both of which are often over looked. Unless you live with this condition, you do not know how much and in what ways in affect you. Social anxiety, depression, and other autoimmune conditions can result. If you’d like to learn more please follow me here or on my Instagram account to  learn more. Also feel free to take a look at my service page and reach out for a free discovery call to see how I can help.

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