Celiac and managing Type 2 Diabetes through diet and lifestyle


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This Group workshop call will take place on Zoom on Thursday 1st February 2024 at 4pm South African Standard Time.  ( I am in South Africa)

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This masterclass I’ll be chatting about the connection between Celiac Disease and type 2 diabetes and how Celiac can lead to T2D. T2D is a condition that can be modified through diet and lifestyle, so I will also be giving you education on how you can manage both conditions through modifying various diet and lifestyle factors.

Disclaimer: this is not a cure, treatment or diagnosis, nor is it meant to take the place of your health care provider. Health coaching provides evidence based education and helps you adjust your mindset and make sustainable healthy changes in your diet and nutrition, lifestyle and environment. The work is always up to you. A coach can mentor, guide and support you in your health journey.

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