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Health struggles and the choices we have…

Are you struggling with a health condition? Are you’re at the point where you want to give up because it’s too hard or you just don’t know what to do anymore? These health issues may be the result of something out of our control or could be something we may have done that has caused it. The health issues I am talking about today are conditions that are modifiable by changing various aspects like nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset. Conditions that can be helped by implementing new habits. So I am not talking about life threatening health conditions or conditions that need specific medical care and supervision. When we struggle with a health condition, we normally get to a point where we face one of two choices: We can look at our situation and deem it as hopeless. Thinking there is no way out, I’m not getting better, I can’t make the changes, I don’t know how to make the changes. It’s hopeless. I’m not going to bother anymore. I’m going to give this my attention and do what I can to fix it. I will get the help I need to change my situation. The choice we make The first option, while at first may appear to be easier is actually not the easiest option. When we give up on ourselves instead of fighting for our health, we create more problems. We stay stuck and sick. Going around in circles and never actually making much progress. However the second option is by far the better as let’s face it, nobody is going to change your health for you. Not your spouse, friend or your doctor. We get the help we need and we overcome the challenges we face and go onto live a healthier life. At the end of the day it comes down to you. Holding yourself accountable for your own health.So if you are at that stage where you are thinking of giving up or maybe you have already, please know it’s not too late. It’s never too late to do something proactive for yourself. Accountability and Motivation If you are struggling with the accountability and the motivation and finding that you just don’t know where to begin, a health coach can help you hold yourself accountable, so that you can discover your strengths and find ways to overcome the challenges you are facing. A health coach can encourage you so that you can get back up and running again and will guide you so that eventually you are making sustainable changes on your own without relying on the support of the coach or others. So please reach out and get the help you need, remember it’s never too late. See my health coaching service page and make a booking for a free discovery call (South Africa only)

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