Connecting the dots in Celiac Disease

Disclaimer: this information is not meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. It is purely educational and informative information. What do the following all have in common? Vitamin D, B12, B6, zinc, Folate, calcium deficiencies Oxidative Stress Neurological problems Inflammation Methylation problems Detoxification problems Vitamin Deficiencies Since Celiac Disease damages the lining of the intestinal wall, causing intestinal permeability, micro nutrients are unable to be absorbed effectively, resulting in malnutrition. The Microvilli hairs that are destroyed absorb nutrients but they also release digestive enzymes. When the villi are broken down, they can’t perform either function which is why people with Celiac start to have difficulty digesting many different foods due a lack of digestive enzymes. Lactose intolerance is one such example. Oxidative stress Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radical molecules and antioxidants in your body.We need Antioxidants to stabilize free radicals to make them less harmful. Otherwise without antioxidants, the free radicals can start doing damage to fatty tissue, DNA, and proteins in your body. Intestinal inflammation creates oxidative stress. {See my post on oxidative stress} Neurological disorders Vitamin Deficiencies such as B12, folate and minerals like copper, Selenium and zinc manifest as neurological problems or anemia in people with Celiac disease and in those with NCGS. Neurological problems can be: brain fog, confusion, poor memory, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, mood swings and others. Inflammation Inflammation is the host defense required for survival. However it can become chronic due to an overactive immune response or oxidative stress and then continue for an extended time which can lead to disease and other conditions or autoimmune conditions. Methylation Methylation is a chemical process of DNA repair. A molecule called a ‘methyl group’ is added to another substance, such as: DNA, RNA, a protein, neurotransmitters, immune cells and nerves so the substance receiving the methyl group is able to function. Methylation needs optimal levels of B vitamins to work effectively. B Vitamins provide the building blocks for cells and protect out cells from damage. They also turn genes on and off. Detoxification Detoxification means the elimination of foreign compounds from the body. It occurs in the liver.The detoxification process in the body has two phases. Phase 1 involves identifying, flagging and activating the harmful substances so that they can be first neutralized then removed. Phase 2 involves making them water soluble so that they can be removed out of the body through sweat or urine.   So what do these all have in common? All these processes impact each other. If one is not working correctly, others won’t either. In the development of Celiac Disease, most of these processes described here are impacted in one way or another. Which is why going gluten-free does not solve everything. All of those processes need to be brought back into a state of homeostasis(balance) and this can only be done if [1] you know the state of your body and a genetic test can give you a good foundation with all of this [2]if you put into play various nutrition, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. DNA Health test The DNA health test serves as a basis to understand the functioning of key biological pathways that govern overall health, and how genetic weaknesses in these pathways may increase predisposition to chronic diseases of lifestyle. It is the foundation to health’ test and is appropriate for any individual seeking to improve their health outcomes, be it those who already suffer from, or those who are concerned about a family history of chronic disease.   The Health test looks at: Lipid Metabolism Methylation Detoxification Inflammation Oxidative Stress Bone Health Insulin Sensitivity Caffeine Sensitivity Salt sensitvity Alcohol metabolism Lactose Intolerance Celiac Disease Vitamins: A, D, B12 and C Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more or would like to take the test. Available worldwide.      

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