3 Reasons why New Celiacs Struggle

3 reasons why newly diagnosed celiacs struggle…


  1. Thinking going gluten-free solves it all
  2. Not paying attention to other important aspects of their health and so continue to feel rubbish
  3. Thinking they can do it on their own without support and knowledge


Let’s break it down quickly…


  1. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition involves much more than going off gluten. My course (and coaching)  covers all of it
  2. You need to give attention to multiple aspects of your health if you want to  feel better and experience improved overall well being. I help with this.
  3. You can do it on your own, but with a health coach whose been through it , you will grow faster, make changes quicker and get the right knowledge and education without having to google it all.


My new course launches in March 2023

Clueless to confident celiac course. 





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