Food sensitivities are a symptom

A food allergy and a food sensitivity are two very different things. Food Allergy A food allergy is an IgE mediated immune response. There are three types: 1. IgE-mediated (Example peanuts, shellfish) IgE-mediated food allergy symptoms normally occur immediately in connection to certain foods. The symptoms can be hives, difficulty breathing, skin rash, itching, coughing, …

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Vitamin A: uses and benefits

{vision, gene expression, reproduction, embryonic development, growth, immune function} What is Vitamin A?   Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin obtained through diet. It includes retinol, retinyl palmitate, and beta-carotene. There are two forms: Preformed vitamin A (retinol and retinyl ester) is derived from animal sources such as meat, dairy products, and fish. Provitamin …

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