The benefits of grounding

Grounding is direct contact if the human body with the earth. It can be walking barefoot, lying on the ground or some other type of direct contact with your skin and the earth such as swimming in the ocean or a river.

Studies show that grounding is beneficial for:

• Reducing inflammation
• Helping with wound healing
• Strengthening the immune system
• Improving sleep
• Helps promote mitochondria health
• Helps balance ROS (reactive oxygen species)
• Improves mood
• Increases your exposure to sunlight which is important reducing cortisol, hormones and absorption of Vitamin D

This is an ongoing study in how the earths electrons work with the human body.

We live in an age where we wear shoes almost constantly and spend more time in doors, have less exposure to nature, sunlight and the beneficial effects of grounding.

You can walk barefoot on the grass or beach.
Aim for just 10 minutes a day.

I bet you will feel the benefits.

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