How exercise affects your hormones

Exercise is beneficial but it can be overdone. Moderate to high intensity exercise increases circulating cortisol levels.

Without proper recovery and too much high intensity exercise, it signals the brain into a fight or flight response (release of cortisol) even when our bodies are supposed to be calm or at rest.


How exercise can contribute towards better hormone balance:

  • Make sure to incorporate different types of exercise such as pilates, stretching, core, strength training and HITT. This will give you a more rounded approach.
  • Schedule rest/recovery days.
  • Don’t overdo cardio/HITT.
  • Everyone should incorporate strength training to some degree because as we age, we start to lose bone mass. Weight training builds bone not only muscle.
  • As a woman you can exercise according to the phase of your menstrual cycle


How does that look?

menstrual: not much except a gentle walk, some stretching.

Follicular: more varied including short bursts of HIIT with weight training, pilates and hiking, dancing (basically very active, high energy)

Luteal: walks, pilates, stretching.


The DNA Sport test is designed for anyone knowing how to use exercise to better influence their genetics. If you exercise, this test can benefit you. It is also great for athletes and those training for any professional sport.

It looks at:

  • Injury risk
  • Endurance potential
  • Recovery
  • Power potential
  • Peak training times

It’s an amazing test if you want to learn how to optimise exercise and what types of exercise, how much, when etc according to your unique genes.

Contact me for information on this test.


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