is celiac disease serious

Is Celiac Disease serious?

Disclaimer: this information is not meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. It is purely educational and informative information.

Is Celiac Disease serious?


Yes it is serious if it is not treated! Treatment is going off and STAYING off gluten. Since it is an autoimmune condition, the body attacks itself every time gluten is ingested. If someone with CD ignores their condition by continuing to eat gluten, over time it can cause serious damage:

The little hairs in the intestinal wall called villi are happily waving around. They protect your gut lining and they also absorb important nutrients as well as release digestive enzymes. Over time with repeated immune attacks, the hairs are destroyed. The tight junctions between the enterocyte cells start to loosen and this creates gaps. This is when toxins, pathogens, undigested food particles, bacteria etc can escape through this barrier and land up in the blood stream.

So now you end up with nutrient deficiencies, and low grade chronic inflammation as well as a cascade of conditions resulting from nutrient deficiencies. Other organs of the body can be affected over time such as the pancreas, gall bladder and thyroid.

So yes, untreated CD is serious! If you suspect you have a gluten intolerance it would be wise to go for a blood test while still on a gluten containing diet. And if you have been diagnosed with CD, it is imperative you remain off gluten for life. Speak to your health care provider regarding testing.




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