Reset your Gut Guide


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I hope that this Guide will be of help to you as you navigate your way through what can be a complicated maze when you are dealing with food intolerances, leaky gut, cross reactivity or elimination diets.

As someone who has personally dealt with just about all of the above, I know how hard it is.

Trying to figure out what you can eat when it seems like you react to everything and having to eliminate so many options can be very daunting.

However, it is is a process that teaches you a lot about health, nutrition and how your body responds. It helps you get in tune with your body and learn to listen to it which will be of lasting benefit for you.

Disclaimer: This PDF is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any condition you may have. While I write from my personal experience with gut related issues, I encourage you to always seek expert medical help such as that from a medical functional practitioner or a registered dietitian before starting a program or elimination diet of any kind. This is because eliminating specific foods and whole food groups can result in serious micro nutrient deficiencies which may result in more harm than good.


what is inside: (16 pages)

  • What is leaky gut
  • How is leaky gut diagnosed?
  • How is leaky gut treated?
  • The Four R’s
  • How do I know my gut has healed?
  • Food list
  • Meal ideas (not plans)
  • Frequently asked questions and answers