Clueless to confident Celiac Course


The Confident Celiac Course will help you go from Clueless to confident at your own pace and in your own time. As a certified Celiac Health coach, someone with Celiac and an Accredited DNAylsis Genetic practitioner, I have put together everything I have learned, researched, studied, trained and experienced over the past 9 years in this course. From supported medical journals and studies, to the latest updates, practical information on living gluten-free, dealing long term with this condition, managing socially, emotionally and getting your health on track in a holistic way. You will also get video masterclasses on cooking and baking gluten-free, recipes, tips and guidance on gluten-free living and food. This really is the ultimate course in Celiac Disease. You will learn things that Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians cannot teach you unless they personally have Celiac disease. There is so much more to just “going off gluten” and so much more to testing, diagnosing, and nutrition. This course will help you with the everyday challenges and struggles that only a fellow Celiac will know about.

Very important: Please make sure you read the TERMS and CONDITIONS before purchasing.


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