7 things you need to know about Celiac Disease

#1 It is an autoimmune condition

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition. That means your body’s own immune system attacks itself. It does this everytime you eat gluten. Even a crumb is enough to cause an autoimmune reaction.

#2 Gluten is the culprit

People with Celiac disease react to the gluten protein in food. Gluten is found naturally in some grains like wheat, barley and rye. It is also in cous-cous and spelt. Gluten is also extracted and used as a binding agent in many food items from sweets, canned goods, meat, sauces and more.

#3You have to be wary of cross-contamination

Preparing and cooking food with or nearby gluten is unsafe for someone with Celiac disease because it only takes a fraction to cause an auto-immune condition. Therefore gluten-free options at restaurants are not always safe.

#4 It is genetic

Celiac disease involves the HLA-DQ 2 and HLA-DQ8 genes. These genes get triggered and once switched on, they cannot be deactivated. Celiac Disease is hereditary and runs in families. It is stronger in the female line.

#5 There is no cure

There is no cure for Celiac disease. Currently, the only treatment is to strictly avoid all gluten containing foods life-long. There are no digestive enzymes or supplements that stop the autoimmune attack.

#6 It affects every aspect of your life

It involves a life of strict vigilance to avoid gluten, which is not easy as it is in everything. It makes social life very hard because it is not easily or safely available and others may avoid socializing with you because they are unsure how to deal with it. It can be a lonely condition to have.

#7 Damage from Celiac Disease can last many years to a lifetime

Celiac disease affects the whole body. It can also lead to other autoimmune conditions and many other conditions are associated with it. The damage from gluten exposure can be vast and extensive.


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