How does Celiac Disease Effect Men?

Disclaimer: This is an educational and informative post, nothing in it is meant to take the place of medical treatment, neither does it claim to treat, cure or diagnose any condition.


On average, women are more prone to Celiac Disease (and autoimmune conditions in general) than men. The ratio being 3:1 with women taking the lead.

As a man, you many want to know if the symptoms are different and how it effects you.


Studies indicate that the following symptoms are more prevalent in men:

  • weight loss
  • anaemia
  • diarrhea
  • stomach pain
  • bloating
  • dermatitis herpitiformis (skin rash)

What about the damage that gluten causes for men diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

Some studies suggest that infertility is linked to Celiac Disease and it can cause a low sperm count. male patients have also experienced androgen resistance, which means that the body doesn’t respond to testosterone.

Since men are more inclined to lose weight with undiagnosed Celiac disease, this also will effect their nutrient absorption and muscle mass. Thus a man trying to build muscle will struggle to do so because his body is unable to absorb nutrients.

According to one study[2], women in general have more autoimmune conditions than men because of the larger number of genes originating from the X chromosome creates a far greater possibility of a larger number of mutations occurring. This puts women at a greater risk for the development of autoimmune diseases solely due to women having two X chromosomes, whereas men possess only one.



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