About Celiac Disease and NCGS- A guide


In this 28 page guide you will learn:

  • What gluten is
  • the difference between an allergy, intolerance and autoimmune condition
  • What Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is
  • What celiac disease is
  • Symptoms of Celiac disease
  • effects of celiac disease
  • dermititis herpitiformis
  • blood testing
  • genetic testing
  • endoscopy and biopsy
  • the gluten challenge
  • testing positive-now what?
  • testing negative-now what?
  • common questions and answers
  • why avoiding gluten is necessary
  • after diagnosis


*disclaimer: nothing in this guide is meant to take the place of a health care practitioner or medical expert. Nor is it meant to treat, cure or diagnose anything. It is a researched, linked evidence based guide. Please consult your medical care provider for any testing and questions you may have.