What is the hype about Erythritol?

The latest news on Erythritol..should you be worried?


What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. It contains zero calories. It’s believed to have no affect on blood sugar levels.

Recently,  according to one study, there is a link between erythritol and negative heart health. Apparently causing strokes.

However, upon further study of the study we find flaws…one being that most participants already had preexisting cardiac problems.

And secondly, While it was observed that there was an association between erythritol and CVD risk, it can’t be proven that erythritol was the cause of those problems.


The long term effects of sweetners, including ones like erythritol is still unknown.

However it comes down to the motive of any study being done…

If you want to prove it negatively or positively, you could find evidence pointing in either direction.


And lastly…everything in moderation. Consuming large quantities of erythritol on a daily basis could have negative side effects such as digestive problems: stomach pain and diarrhea. But having it every now and then and sticking to the recommendation of not more than 50g a day, is unlikely to cause any issues.


Bottom line: there is not enough solid evidence based on one study at this point to directly confirm the suspicions.

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