Why it’s important to know if you have Gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease?

In Some Countries you need a formal diagnosis of Celiac Disease for health insurance, tax deductions on gluten-free food and for employment reasons.

Knowing which condition you have is the key to how strict you will be lifelong with gluten avoidance. With a gluten intolerance (sensitivity) you don’t have to be as strict with avoiding gluten as a Celiac, because there is no autoimmune reaction taking place. With Celiac Disease, you have to avoid gluten 100% because it is an autoimmune reaction every time you consume it, which, over time will damage your gut lining. This can be the make or break for many as to how seriously they take it.

Celiac disease can cause nutritional deficiencies which can cause long term damage. If you don’t know if you have Celiac disease or not and you consume gluten sometimes, you could be causing your body harm without knowing.

It can also be good to know if you have Celiac disease and you have children, you can get them genetically tested for the Celiac markers. If they test positive, you can then keep an eye on any symptoms that may develop in the future. It is good to get the Celiac blood test for your child from the age of 4 as it is more accurate after this age.

Get them retested every two years, especially during the growing years, for girls around 8-13 years and for boys between 10-15 years.

In conclusion knowing the difference matters.

  1. Gluten intolerance is a digestive issue that is not autoimmune related and therefore on it’s own won’t cause intestinal permeability.
  2. Celiac Disease is genetic and is an autoimmune condition so you have to be 100% strict lifelong. Doing so unnecessarily is a burden both emotionally, financially and socially.
  3. You may be required to prove diagnosis for various reasons depending on where you live.
  4. It can give you peace of mind and closure.
  5. It can be beneficial if you are a parent or considering starting a family as it is genetic.


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