Can you suddenly develop Celiac Disease?

The answer is Yes you can.

Celiac Disease is an hereditary genetic condition.  You inherit the genetic markers from your parent/s. The Genetic markers are HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8. There are sub types under these such as HLA-DQ2.2 and HLA-DQ2.5. You can also be heterozygous (you carry two genetic versions of that gene) or homozygous (you carry one genetic allele or version).

However you are not born with those genes being activated. They can lie dormant or inactivated for many years, in fact some people may carry the genes and never develop Celiac Disease in their lifetime.

Carrying the genetics predisposes you to a risk factor for developing the condition but does not mean you currently have the condition or will definitely develop it.

Celiac Disease is activated by the consumption of gluten and environmental factors that together trigger the genes and the autoimmune reaction. Once this process starts however, it is now activated Celiac Disease and cannot be reversed.

This means every time you eat gluten, no matter how tiny that amount is, the autoimmune reaction will take place. Therefore, the only way to control and manage Celiac Disease is to strictly avoid eating gluten for the rest of your life. This involves strict vigilance with not only avoiding gluten containing food, but also being careful in HOW food is prepared, packaged, handled, cooked and served.

Gluten-free food cannot come into contact with gluten at any time but sadly due to a lack of understanding, many restaurants and facilities that manufacture or package food, do not know this and so food is often contaminated with gluten.

As a Celiac, you will have to learn about cross contamination and all the forms that takes.
But I have made it easy for you by presenting an hour long masterclass in which I take you through this step-by-step and you get a free 20page PDF to download for your reference.

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