Do gluten degrading supplements work for Celiacs?

Disclaimer: this information is not meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. It is purely educational and informative information.


If you’re Celiac, please don’t be fooled by supplements claiming to have gluten degrading enzymes that
Promise to do one of the following:
  • degrade the digestion of harmful gluten peptides
  • alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms associated with gluten consumption and gluten intolerance
  • claim that enzymes can remain active in a wide range of pH or gastric conditions
A Gastroenterology journal did a study on 14 products making claims that are not scientific like suggesting the protection against gluten consumption. While certain enzymes can break down gluten protein further into amino acids and into smaller peptides, the study showed that it did not completely degrade gluten, thereby making it dangerous for someone with CD.
These claims may be alluring to people with CD who feel restricted by their diet.
All these products were classed as dietary supplements and were except from FDA labeling standards. Some just contained carbohydrates, lipase, or probiotics. One even contained wheat!
It remains a fact that the only valid treatment for CD is a lifelong adherence to the GF diet.

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