How do I know if my gut is healing?

Disclaimer: this information is not meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. It is purely educational and informative information.


I know it seems like it will never get better, but It does.

Here are some things that happened to me and how I knew thing were getting better…

Please note that the following was not just a case of removing gluten and over time things came right, I had to do a lot of proactive things to help the healing process which I will talk about in another post. But as a result of the proactive things I was doing, along with time, the following got better….

1. I wasn’t bloating after every single meal anymore
2. I would wake up without any bloating and gas
3. I had regular bowel movements
4. My hair stopped falling out
5. My skin looked better
6. I stopped reacting to foods and over time could eat all the things I thought I could never eat again (except gluten!)
7. My nails got stronger
8. My back pain went away (mostly due to exercise though!)
9. I had more energy
10. Joint pain, muscle pain and headaches went away.

The healing process depends on…

* what YOU DO and DON’T DO to help it along
* the extent of your intestinal damage
* your genetics and factors that influence them
* diet and nutrition
* exercise
* supplements to aid healing

This is a BIG part of what I help my clients with. The part doctors and others do not tell you about. The part most struggle with alone…Where do you even start to heal your gut?

As a health coach for Celiac Disease I can help you by guiding you and working along with other health care providers, making sure you get the right holistic approach to your gut health Journey.

Enroll in my course “YOUR GUT HEALTH AFTER GLUTEN” as a little kick start and then contact me for 1:1 coaching. I coach internationally via zoom. For enrolling in any course, you also get a discounted first 1:1 coaching session with me.

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