Just diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

Have you recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

You are no doubt feeling….

  • overwhelmed
  • heartbroken
  • sad
  • bewildered
  • Isolated
  • alone
  • misunderstood
  • frustrated

I know you you feel. I’ve been there. It is life changing and can take a lot of getting used to.

It involves more than just cutting out gluten from your diet.

You have to learn a whole new way of life.


It doesn’t just happen over night…


✳️It takes time for your body to heal.

✳️You will need to get support

✳️You will need to educate yourself to improve your health, and your quality of life

✳️ It will take time to adjust mentally and emotionally

✳️Everything changes from shopping, entertainment, cooking, socializing, vacation


But you can….


✅️become Confident in your food choices

✅️ accept your new life

✅️ find joy and excitement in a new way of living.

✅️ transition to a gf lifestyle with ease

✅️ learn about cross contamination


I can help you…

This is why I became a certified health coach, because I know what it takes to get from overwhelmed, sad, heartbroken and bewildered to healthy, accepting, happy and confident as someone with Celiac Disease myself. I know the challenges and struggles and I can help you…

I offer international online coaching (via zoom) Or you can take my online self-paced course that covers absolutely everything you need to know. It contains a 176 page course work book, videos, presentations and more.

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