How lactose Intolerance could be genetic

Did you know that the MCM6 gene is involved in lactose intolerance?


As Babies, our levels of lactose are high. But after the nursing stage, they begin to decline. By the time we are adults, we contain much less of the lactase enzyme to break down the lactose. As a result, most adults cannot fully digest lactose. This is called lactase non-persistance. (LNP)

There are some individuals, however that can continue to digest lactose. They are known as having lactase persistence. (LP)

The ability to digest lactose is independently caused by a region called MCM6 which controls and enhances the expression of the lactase gene.

The DNA Health test tests for Lactose Intolerance.

Important to note that a genetic test does not tell you have lactose intolerance, it tells you if you have a risk factor or a predisposition.

You would still need to go according to symptoms and a hydrogen breath test.

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