7 things I wish I had known sooner about Celiac Disease

Disclaimer: This is an educational and informative post, nothing in it is meant to take the place of medical treatment, neither does it claim to treat, cure or diagnose any condition.


1️⃣ Get support

Don’t fumble around in the dark and use google, just hire a health coach, see a dietician, visit a functional medical practitioner, join a support group.


2️⃣ Don’t eat Junk

The biggest mistake is trying to replace gluten with gluten-free alternatives or just eating badly because you don’t know what to eat. Or not eating at all   all such bad ideas…look after your nutritional needs. Or you could see yourself ending up with more food intolerances and other autoimmune conditions.


3️⃣ It gets  better

“This too shall pass” when you’re in the beginning stages, everything feels overwhelming and daunting. It won’t always be like this.


4️⃣ Get nutritional labs done every year

Keep an eye out on your nutritional levels. Get Iron,ferritin stores, Vit D, B12 checked at least once a year. In the first two years get your IgA levels checked to make sure your antibody levels are reducing. And a CRP test to check if inflammation is coming down.


5️⃣ Genetic testing

This is a big one I wish I had known about. Since taking my own genetic tests I discovered genetic mutations that were causing some pretty serious issues. You don’t know until you do it. And the best thing is it’s a once off test. Now I’m an accredited genetic practitioner so I can assist you in your genetic testing as part of your health journey.


6️⃣ Gluten has other names

I ate rye for ages after I went gluten-free, totally oblivious that it was also gluten  don’t make the same mistake. Learn all the forms and names.


7️⃣ Look after your gut health

There is more to life after going off gluten as far as healing your gut and helping to improve your health. It all starts with gut health.


If you’re new to Celiac disease consider coaching or take my Clueless to confident Celiac course

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