The power of your thoughts

Thoughts are so powerful. They are the stepping stones to behavior, to emotions and to habits.

Change your thoughts to change your behavior.


It all begins with what we feed ourselves.

If we fill our mind with positive, healthy thoughts, we will have a better chance of developing healthier behaviors. Our thoughts are fueled by so many external factors too like our association, work, entertainment (what we watch, read, social media etc).


We can control to some extent the external factors that influence our thoughts.

Get rid of things that fuel negative thoughts. Toxic relationships,  instagram accounts, Tv shows, books-whatever you can.


It takes constant effort to do so. Daily we are bombarded by negativity, stress, anxiety that weighs us down.


Here is an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere.


When a negative thought pops into your head, analyze it. Ask yourself: what purpose is this thought serving? What emotion is it causing me to feel? Is it true? Is it beneficial? If it’s not serving a purpose,  if it’s causing negative emotions and if it’s not beneficial or true, consciously dismiss it but replace it with a positive counter thought. Doing this over and over again will help to form new thought patterns.


Some counter attack for negative thoughts I use: exercise, being in nature, baking, doing something for someone else, prayer.


Activities that get our mind off things helps tremendously.

Do this when you’re battling with anxious or distorted thoughts.

Need help with your mindset? As part of my coaching, I use cognitive behavorial coaching which is based on the principals of CBT. I can help. Use the contact form to get in touch.

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